Polyurethane tableware has been widely used in catering

The distance between the slope and interval 5cm can make the cleaning effect, the bowl or bowl will not give water, more easily dry and disinfected. After cleaning, the cleanliness is high and the speed is fast. According to the characteristics of the polyurethane tableware, a polyurethane tableware is selected, which is mainly suitable for polyurethane tableware in the business, school, kindergarten, company cafeteria, factory, hospital, military and other places.

No need to impregnate the cleaning melamine tableware, the residue directly poured into the automatic dishwasher conveyor entrance, the conveyor belt automatically enters the cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting, and drying the process. Since the automatic dishwasher cleaning is up and down, do not stack the menu, otherwise there will be a dead angle that cannot be cleaned.

This saves time and cleaning can reach 100%.At present, polyurethane tableware has been widely used in catering, bathing and other industries. . If you buy a macked tableware, there will be this distress. Melamine tableware also custom bamboo fiber tray Manufacturers has a great impact on the cleaning effect on the placement method. From a clean point of view, cleaning polyurethane tableware is not difficult, there are a variety of shapes to choose from.

Most of the restaurants in many restaurants are stainless steel plates, stainless steel cutlery, polyurethane tableware, etc. There are a lot of light or greasy food in the food, so the tableware should be cleaned, otherwise the tableware will have greasy feelings. Used in cleaning, drying, and integrated disinfection. So, how do we clean your tableware?

For restaurants and restaurants, use the automatic dishwasher not only clean effect, but also fast. There are also a variety of shapes. It is suitable for cleaning and disinfection of automatic dishwashing wiring for 70 degrees. The dry cleaning temperature should not exceed 120 ° C. Its main feature is to fall, texture smooth, durable, high temperature resistance